Book a one to one badger photography workshop in the heart of the Staffordshire moorlands. With a choice of locations these workshops are really something quite different. You won't find better light or such unique environments in which to photograph these infamously elusive animals. 

As with all my workshops I aim to offer the best possible guidance with regards to fieldcraft as well as providing valuable insight into the target species natural history. Most importantly the welfare of the animals always comes first, you will learn how to photograph safely and productively at a badger sett. This workshop is operated under the guidance of the local Wildlife Trust to ensure the animals welfare comes first.


Each workshop is client centred, as such I do not take my own camera equipment with me. Not only will this make your images unique it reduces any disturbance to an absolute minimum as well as facilitating completely uninterrupted filming opportunities. We also offer the option of photographing urban badgers in the same evening for images that really stand out from the crowd.


Running from May to September these workshops allow the maximum opportunity to photograph badgers in daylight. Our rural animals are typically active between 6:30 and dusk so that is when we operate. Always ensuring the animals are not disturbed, your arrival is timed to be ahead of their appearance. Similarly we always wait until the animals are either back below ground or have dispersed before we leave (this may affect workshop times).


You will be provided with specific details of meeting points and parking after booking has been arranged. You will need to drive to the locations yourself which are located in North Staffordshire. 


If you have your own camera then that is great and lenses between 100-500mm are Ideal. However if you do not have your own equipment I can offer the use of a Full Frame DSLR + Pro lens!

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